Kaishan Information | The 2023 Kaishan Compressor Global Conference was held in Quzhou, Zhejiang

From November 16th to 18th, the 2023 Kaishan Compressor Global Conference was held in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. Cao Kejian, Chairman of Kaishan Holding Group Co., Ltd., presided over the meeting.


The theme of this meeting is for each overseas company to summarize and report its 2023 operating performance, discuss the 2024 work plan, prepare the 2024 budget, and formulate an action plan for the next year. Mr.Dave George, President, Mr.Henry Phillips, and Mr.Matt Eberlein, Vice Presidents of American Company (KCA); Mr.John Byrne, CEO, Mr.Kevin Morris, CFO, of Middle East Company (Kaishan MEA); Dr.Ognar, President of Austrian Company (LMF) Gunther, Vice Presidents Mr.David Stibi and Mr.Berger Gerhard; Australian Company (KA) CEO Mr.Mark Ferguson; Indian Company (KMI) CEO Mr.jayraj Thakar; European Company (Kaishan Europe) General Manager Marek Cieslak and Kaishan Hong Kong Company General Manager Mr. Cui Feng and General Manager of Kaishan Asia Pacific Mr. Li Heng attended the meeting. The general managers of relevant member companies of Kaishan Group also attended the meeting.


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Dr. Tang Yan, general manager of Kaishan Group Co., Ltd., and his team introduced newly launched innovative technologies and series of products to overseas companies. The “never-ending” continuous innovation activities of Kaishan’s technical team have been highly praised by overseas companies. In the new year, More series of products will go to major markets around the world and will become the main driving force for Kaishan’s continued growth.


Overseas companies reported their expected operating performance in 2023 and reported their 2024 budget one by one. According to the summary data provided at the meeting, it is estimated that in 2023, overseas compressor business revenue is expected to exceed US$150 million, and the export delivery value of Kaishan compressor products from the Quzhou factory alone will reach US$45 million. The 2024 budget overseas compressor business revenue is US$180-190 million, and the export delivery value of Kaishan compressors will exceed US$70 million.

​What is gratifying is that, except Kaishan MEA, which is allowed to suffer losses because it is in its first year of operation, all other companies have achieved profits. All member companies will achieve profitability in 2024.

Post time: Dec-05-2023