Conduct product consultation according to customer needs

Provide different solutions and prices for customers with different needs.

Product promotion and marketing activities, as well as technical support, etc.

Kaishan has a complete manufacturing system, with complete air compressor manufacturing, precision machining, heat treatment, forging, cutting, grinding and pinching, surface coating treatment, extrusion and testing equipment.

The company's products include air compressors and supporting equipment, handheld pneumatic rock drills, fully hydraulic drilling rigs, open-air down-the-hole drilling rigs, geothermal water well multi-function drilling rigs, hoses, drill heads, impactors, drill pipes, pneumatic tools, dry rice drilling rigs, etc.It is widely used in industrial manufacturing, municipal construction, water conservancy engineering, mining, quarrying, road construction, military industry and infrastructure construction.The equipment is equipped with high-end, stable operation, easy operation, safe and efficient, and has passed the mine safety mark certification to escort industrial manufacturing, mine mechanization, automation, and safe production.

Kaishan Group Co., Ltd. has a product distribution network throughout the country, with more than 2,000 marketing outlets and high-quality sales services.Overseas products are distributed in more than 90 countries and regions in the world such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Russia.

Before you order, our company will have professional engineers to explain the products for you, make engineering project solutions and quotations, brand authorization and marketing promotion, and corresponding technical support.

After-sales service

Provide customers with the following services:
● Repair service/preventive maintenance/overhaul
● All original authentic spare parts
● Fast recovery from failure and shutdown
● 24 hours/365 days call service
● 24 hours/365 days spare parts supply
● Product technology upgrade
● Data diagnosis and analysis, crew file report
● Overseas dispatch engineers to provide on-site service


Kaishan has a professional after-sales service team and service training system
To provide customers with timely and efficient service consultation and service support.
To provide customers with Kaishan pure original spare parts supply.
Specifically implemented to.
Provide professional start-up and commissioning services and user on-site training guidance.
4 working hours quick response mechanism.
Professionals, professional tools provide fault diagnosis, analysis and maintenance services.
Regular on-site inspections, provide preventive maintenance recommendations and planning.
Pure original Kaishan spare parts, worry-free after-sales.
Provide proactive consulting services to optimize equipment operation and management.
Provide optimization services such as technical transformation.