Corporate Sentiment

Green energy life

Kaishan Shares are undergoing a major transformation and will gradually transform from a large compressor equipment company to a green energy company.With its excellent screw expansion power generation technology, Kaishan is developing geothermal power stations, waste heat power stations and bioenergy power stations on a large scale worldwide.Kaishan's unique "one well, one stop" technology path has reduced investment intensity, shortened the development cycle, and made it more convenient for the large-scale development of geothermal resources.More and more users will use truly green energy.

Save energy and reduce emissions for the world

Kaishan has world-class compressor core technology.The high-efficiency compressor host using the "Y" series line of world-renowned compressor expert Dr. Tang Yan has greatly improved the energy efficiency of air compressors and refrigeration compressors, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.Screw expansion power generation technology, including direct residual pressure expansion and ORC organic Rankine cyclic expansion power generation technology, can make full use of low-grade thermal energy such as waste heat and waste pressure generated in production for power generation, which also reduces energy waste and effectively reduces carbon dioxide emissions.Screw expansion power generation technology can also be applied to new and renewable energy fields such as geothermal, photothermal and bioenergy, reducing dependence on fossil energy.These have made huge contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction in China and the world.