Essential Knowledge for Solar Pile Driver Machine

When solar pile driver is working, sometimes the work progress is very smooth, and sometimes the work is difficult to carry out. This is related to the research of photovoltaic power generation pile driving technology. The reason why the solar pile driver sometimes cannot complete the work well is that it does not meet the requirements of the pile driving technology. Different environments determine different processes, which also determine different solar pile driver.

The solar pile driver is a comprehensive unit, which includes power and transmission equipment, as well as working machines: winch, overhead crane, traveling block, big hook, faucet, turntable, mud pump, derrick. Why use these equipment? This is determined by the comprehensive requirements of the pile driving process.

The current pile driving method is mainly rotary pile driving: using the drill bit to rotate and break the rock to form a well body; using the drill rod to send the drill bit to the bottom of the well; using the big hook, traveling block, overhead crane, winch to lift the drill handle, using the turntable and faucet or the bottom drilling tool to drive the drill bit and drill rod to rotate; using the mud system to bring out the bottom of the well.

The basic requirements of the piling process for solar pile driver machinery and equipment are as follows:

(1) The ability of solar pile driver to rotate and drill: the machinery and equipment should be able to provide a certain torque and rotation of the drill and maintain a certain drilling pressure.

(2) The ability to lift and lower the drill: it must have a certain lifting weight and lifting speed.

(3) The ability of solar pile driver to wash the well: it can provide a certain pump pressure to allow a certain amount of liquid to wash the bottom of the well through the drill pipe and take the cuttings out of the well. In addition, solar pile driver must adapt to the piling needs of different regions. Considering the high mobility of the drilling rig, the equipment must be easy to install, disassemble and transport. The use and maintenance of the pile driver must be simple and the vulnerable parts of the drilling rig should be easy to replace.


Post time: Jun-20-2024